Girls’ Week

Yesterday, Tim and a national colleague, Shadrach left for Papua New Guinea en route to Cairns, Australia where they will attend a ‘Scripture in Use’ conference. The other participants in the conference will be members of our organization from around the Pacific. This will be Shadrach’s first trip out of the Solomons!

Back here in Honiara, the girls and I have a full week planned. Starting today we will be attending some functions to commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the Landing of the Marines on Guadalcanal. (We live on Guadalcanal.) We have visiting US Marines in town – a Marine Band, a Brigadier General and the US Ambassador for the Solomons who lives in Papua New Guinea. There will also be American Veterans who have made the journey once again to visit the place where they fought in the war.

Sunday afternoon there is a function for the American community at the home of the American Consular Agent’s home to meet the US Ambassador. On Monday night I (Martha) am invited to a function at the home of the US Consular Agent where there will be guests from the business and diplomatic community as well as high ranking government officials.

The US War Memorial

as seen from our house

On Tuesday morning there will be a service at the US War Memorial. Sarah will be one of the school children who have been asked to hold a flag at the entrance of the memorial as guest arrive and Emily will be giving ‘remarks from an American School Girl’. Pretty neat!

Tim’s sorry to be missing all the events here!