PR and Bible Translation

Sometimes I find it intimidating to be around a bunch of brainy Bible translators who know so much about linguistics and the Bible. I like the literacy work that we do and know that I can make a real contribution to Bible translation through helping people to learn to read their own language so that they can read the translated word. But I’ve found another area where I like to help – public relations and publicity!

Since coming back to the Solomons I have been working hard to help promote the Pijin Bible translation. This month translators are working on the final revisions of the full Bible in Pijin for publication in the next year. I’ve had fun setting up 3 forums around town for the public to come and discuss issues related to Pijin. I’ve also been working with the local media which has resulted in me being interviewed on the radio, several articles and advertisements appearing in the newspaper, one of the project advisers being interviewed on the television news and this morning a talk back radio program. Pijin translation adviser Gerry Beimers and national translator Aloysious Jack (on the right) interacted with the public via phone calls while broadcaster Bart Basia on the left moderated the program. It’s another step in making the public aware of the translation program and encouraging people to share their ideas about it.

Me? I’m having a ton of fun working with people around town that I already know and building new relationships with others. Many of my Bible translation colleagues would find it hard to do what I’m doing. Isn’t God good? He has just the right place for each of us to use our gifts and talents and have fun while doing it.