On my way to the USA

It’s Friday morning May 24th. This afternoon I will be on a plane headed for Fiji where I will overnight. On Saturday evening I head out of Fiji for LAX, arriving Saturday afternoon – before I left Fiji rollercoaster tycoon for free.

I will be in the USA for about a month. The purpose of the trip is for me to represent our group at the Wycliffe conference in Orlando. As a side benefit, I will be seeing family and friends in Michigan as well as friends in California and Florida download youtube clip mac. At the end of June, I will attend the wedding of one of our Solomon Islands colleagues before coming back home home. While I am in the USA, I will have a cell phone and can be contacted at: (248) 730-5869 from maxdome.

We would appreciate your prayers for our family as we are separated. Tim will be busy with continuing to work on many important projects while single parenting videos von youtube herunterladen als mp3.