An answer to prayer

On my March 17th blog, I shared about my dream of having a weekly Bible page written in Solomon Islands Pjijn in the local national newspaper. I had talked to a reporter friend at the newspaper about the idea and she promised to talk to her editor about it.

This morning I received a call from the religion editor at the paper asking to know more about the idea. My friend Robin who is helping me with this project happened to be at my house, so we jumped in the car and went to the newspaper office to present our idea. The editor had already agreed to the concept and we have been given permission to deveolop a full page in the paper each week that is written in Pijin and features a reading from the Pijin Bible. The page will also have questions about the story, picture, puzzles, weekly Bible verse and a devotional written by a local pastor. What potential it has! Praise God with us for this open door. Pray for Robin and I as we work to develop this project.