We all scream for ice cream!

When we were in the USA, friends introduced us to

“Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream”. We aren’t sure if they did us a favor or not, because we got hooked! At one store we saw a poster that said something like, “Real friends don’t let their friends eat store bought ice cream.” We chuckled at that, because here in the Solomons, friends who eat at our house are never served store bought ice cream!

We have a hand crank ice cream machine and Tim has ice cream making down to a science! Tonight was his first time to make ice cream since we’ve returned to the Solomons.

Tim makes a cooked custard type ice cream which we refrigerates for 24 hours before he starts cranking it. He usually cranks the ice cream at night when the outside temperatures are cooler. When the ice cream is finished, he stores it in our deep freezer until it’s ready to serve. Tim makes the ice cream ahead of time so it has time to firm up before we serve it.

The girls love when Tim makes ice cream and have talked about falling asleep at night to the sound of dad cranking the ice cream in the carport below the house as they dream about the delicious ice cream they will eat the next day.

We are preparing for our Valentine’s Party on Wednesday night which we host each year. This year we are having a scaled down party and only serving dessert instead of preparing a formal sit down dinner for our guests – we have hosted up to 22! Next year we’ll do it up big again, but for this year, our friends will be delighted to savor Tim’s ice cream again after a year’s absence.