Prayer Request

The Solomon Islands is an independent country under a parliamentary democracy. It is also part of the British Commonwealth.

Last week and this week, parliament is meeting here in the capital city aerofly 2 flugsimulator kostenlos downloaden. The primary task at hand is to pass the annual budget. However, last Friday the opposition party put forth a ‘motion of no confidence’ against the prime minister which is due to be voted on this Friday office free windows 10. If the motion is passed, the prime minister would step down and another member of parliament would be elected to that position.

There has been much political turmoil in the Solomon Islands over the past year herunterladen. In April 2006 when a new Prime Minister was appointed, riots errupted and wide spread damage occured with a large part of Chinatown here in the capital city helene fischer musik kostenlos downloaden. More recently there have been some diplomatic issues between the Solomon Islands and Australia which have caused tensions.

Would you please pray that there will be peace this week in the country and that God’s will be done herunterladen.