Coming Alongside

This is Joshua Lui, a national Bible translator from the Western part of the Solomon Islands den rest der nachricht jetzt herunterladen outlook. Joshua is the chairman of the Solomon Islands Bible Translation and Literacy Program (SIBTLP), a group of Solomon Islanders dedicated to Bible Translation and Literacy download netflix program. Joshua is currently translating the New Testament into his mother tongue, Simbo.

This afternoon Joshua gave a biennial report for SIBTLP at our conference download webcam app for free. We are very blessed to work who have the dedication to help bring God’s Word to their own people. Often they work alone and their efforts are not always understood or supported by people in their community German schlager for free.

After each personal report, we all gather around the person or couple and spend time praying for them, their family and ministry kostenlose whatsapp bilder herunterladen. It’s truly a blessing to be surrounded by friends and colleagues and be lifted up before the throne.