A Quiet Sunday

It’s Sunday morning and I am home alone. We were ready to leave for church when Tim went to find one of the neighbors to sit at the house for security while we were gone. Tim didn’t find anyone, so I stayed home. I find it hard to sit through a church service and not worry about what is happening at the house if we don’t have anyone watching things.

We have a fence surrounding our house with barbed wire at the top. Our two dogs provide a certain degree of security, but not enough to keep someone out. At night, a security man watches our house and the one next to us which belongs to our mission group.

If there is no one at our house during the day, we stop at the neighbors and ask someone to come watch the house. When we return home, we pay them according to the time we have been gone. The neighbors are happy for a little extra income and the peace of knowing the house is being watched while we are gone has been great.

I guess I’ll have to wait until next week to meet baby ‘Martha’ at church.