What the Geico Guy Doesn’t Tell You

In the USA we were inundated with commercials with the little green gecko representing Geico insurance. I guess geckos are cute, if you don’t have to live with them all the time.

Here in the tropics, geckos live inside the house. They can often be seen scurrying around the walls and heard making a little clicking noise. At night they gather on the outside of screen windows enjoying a feeding frenzy of insects who have been attracted to the light.

When Tim and I lived in Papua New Guinea, we had lots of geckos on the outside of our screens at night. Sometimes we would flick the gecko from the inside of the screen while announcing in our theatrical voices, “Geckos in space…” as they flew off the screen into the dark night. (Missionaries in remote places can be easily entertained.)

The not so nice part of geckos are the little ‘poop’ they leave around the house. The other less than cute part is the eggs. They love to find very small dark spaces to lay their little eggs.

This afternoon I took down a metal tubular curtain rod to put up a curtain. As I lowered the rod to the floor, I heard the ominous rattle of gecko eggs rolling down the tube and the crunch of them hitting the floor and breaking. Yuck. Another joy of housekeeping in the tropics! : )