Kangaroo Ground

from Tim

For the past few days I’ve been staying at Kangaroo Ground, where Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia is located.  You can see here how the area got its name.

The kangaroos are regular visitors to the meadow at the edge of the property and to the locals, they are just part of the background.  But this American found them quite interesting.


While I’ve been here, I’ve had the chance to connect with various people who relate in some way to our work in the Pacific region; providing training at the graduate school here, or working in recruitment and resource development, or in managing finance systems and funding for projects, and even in helping to develop literacy materials in the Solomon Islands.

It’s been a good visit and I’ve enjoyed the chance to reconnect with some people I’ve known for years and get to know others whose names I’d only seen on emails.

Tomorrow I head off to Darwin, Australia, to visit a field office there, reconnect with colleagues there and hopefully have the chance to talk a bit about linguistic issues in East Timorese languages.

The pacific tour continues…