The Fruit of Investment

Back when we lived and served here in the Solomon Islands, I was heavily involved with the Literacy Association of Solomon Islands (LASI), helping them grow in management and strategic planning, and in the production of literacy materials. I had heard good things about the work they had been doing since we left, and I wanted to see for myself, and catch up with some of my friends there. So I stopped by their office one afternoon.
What a thrill it was to have my friend MIchael show me the various books they had produced. With continued help from other colleagues, they have produced a number of books for people who have just learned to read, books to help them practice and build their reading skills. And they have continued to produce reading primers, basic reading instructional books, using the method that I taught them. The picture below is the collection of those primer books, each one in a different language. Of the 17 books there, only two of them existed when I left. The rest were produced by LASI after we had gone.

Yes, the investment we made, and that you, our partners made with us, is still bearing fruit in the Solomon Islands.