Pack Mules of the Pacific

Because the Solomon Islands is a small and relatively isolated country, there are many niceties (and sometimes necessities) of life that are not easily available. So whenever word gets out that someone is coming to visit, the traveler invariably gets asked to hand carry a variety of things.
And so I have a rather substantial collection of things to pack into my suitcase and take with me to the Solomon Islands for other people. You can see from the picture that my suitcase is going to be rather full, and I haven’t started packing my clothes yet.

Collecting the ‘stuff’ to take to friends in the Solomon Islands

In fact, one of our colleagues has referred to us travelers as “Pack Mules of the Pacific” because we do this so often.
While it certainly limits personal space for packing, we have had many friends hand carry various items to the Solomon Islands in the past for us, so I don’t mind doing the same for others.
I leave for the Solomon Islands tonight, 16 hours to Brisbane, Australia, 4 hours in the airport there, and then 3 hours to Honiara. I’ll be there for 2 weeks, then back to Australia to attend meetings and connect with people in Cairns, Melbourne, Then on to East Timor to work with colleagues to prepare education materials.