Sunshine through “The Blues” – by Tim

Those of you who have been following the blog will know that Monday was not a fun day. I’ll admit I was not feeling very good about life on Monday evening ikea anleitung herunterladen. But then I got a phone call…

Michael Saeni was on the phone, calling from a newly installed phone at a provincial substation near his village in North Malaita how long does it take to from whatsapp. He had just returned from about a week’s travel to an area where he had done some literacy teacher training last year. Michael had trained a number of people to be reading teachers almost a year ago, but had not heard anything more from them powerpoint online for free. He told me that he was afraid of finding no activity out there, a full day’s travel from his own village.

However, he was very encouraged and even excited as I talked to him herunterladen. He found six literacy classes going in different villages, with between 6 and 30 students in each of them! The people were excited to be learning to read and eager to read the New Testament in their language which was made available 2 years ago yelo play windows 10.

Michael and I talked more about his plans for the next few weeks. He will be helping to start a new literacy initiative for the Langalanga people beginning on Friday with a planning meeting i will follow him noten for free. He will be visiting some Langalanga villages at the end of this month to talk to them about how to prepare to run literacy classes. I still need to make a trip out there and help write a reading primer (instructional book) and we will train teachers as soon as we can get it all together formatvorlage word herunterladen.

I must admit that I went to bed that night in much better spirits than I had been in through the afternoon samsung kontakte herunterladen. The Lord knew I needed some encouragement that night so He provided a ray of sunshine.

Michael and Tim making plans a few weeks ago in our home in Honiara musik von youtube kostenlos downloaden.