Matzke Messenger – May 2014

 Our newest newsletter is hot off the press. You can download it by clicking here:  Matzke Mission – May 2014                                                                       […]


Parliament and the Bible Display

In 2009, the Solomon Islands National Parliament unveiled a permanent Bible Display.  It houses a ceremonial canoe that was carved to hold the Pijin Bible when it was launched and the display includes all the New Testaments or full Bibles that have been completed since 1978 – the year of the country’s independence. Today we […]


Flooding in Honiara

This week has brought rain and flooding to the Solomon Islands.  There are about 14 confirmed deaths and many more missing people.  Today Tim and I walked through town and took some photos. The Mataniko River has flooded and trees,…

A Wonderful Opportunity

A couple of weeks ago I flipped on the radio in the car on my way home.  I was surprised to hear an advertisement for a new radio program that would be starting in a few weeks on the topic of “Languages of the Solomon Islands”. I went down to the radio station the next […]


The God of Dive Trips

One of our translation team members out in the village came down with malaria last week.  She began treatment and soon was feeling better.  But along with the malaria came a case of cellulitis and blisters covered her legs. The family takes a supply of medicines with them, and after consulting with a doctor by […]


Veggies for the Gebauers

After spending the morning in the office answering emails, at lunch time we headed to town to buy fresh produce for one of our village teams.  This family has not been getting many fruits and veggies from local sources. Armed with a wish list that the family had emailed in, we headed into the market. […]


Sometimes the sea smiles.

Sunday 13 October On to Sa’a village. The only way to get from Afio to Sa’a is by ship or canoe. There is a road, but the bridge just past Afio washed out several years ago. So we load ourselves and our luggage into a canoe. Solomon Islanders have been carving and paddling wooden canoes […]