And again from Spain…

We are staying in the village of Ajalvir, just a few miles NE of Madrid.  It’s small, and rather quaint, with rolling fields just a few minutes’ walk from our hotel.  I really enjoyed walking around the farm country and getting ‘up-close’ views of olive trees, with a few ripe olives still on them.


Special Friends

When I got out of the car and started walking toward the house, I heard a screech of “Marthaaaaa” from the other side of the house.  Around the corner came Betsy – our dear friend who worked for us.  There were hugs and tears.

She works for SITAG now and had brought these beautiful flowers to decorate my table.  The red flowers were from a plant she took from our house and nursed until it now produces these beauties.






Later I showed Betsy a video message from Emily on my iPad.  More tears.








Wednesday night, I had dinner at the home of good friends, Sarah and Ivan.  Lucky for me, they were celebrating their niece’s 16th birthday!