The Ministry Big Picture

See and hear what was shared during the “Night at the Museum” event held September 10, 2010.

Part 1: The Big Picture

Introduction by Tim and Martha; video overview of literacy work

Part 2: Martha’s Assignment in Communication

Hear from Susan van Wynen, Director of Communications, Wycliffe International; Martha shares her excitement about the new role

Part 3: Tim’s Assignment in Literacy

Tim describes his new assignment and shares his thoughts about this opportunity to contribute to and broaden his experience with international literacy. Note: Out of respect for the sensitivity of international working relationships, Tim’s supervisor’s description of Tim’s assignment has been edited from the video.

Part 4: Your Part

Hear from supporter, Lora Graham; Tim invites you to join the team through interest, prayer, giving, and sharing; Pastor Fred Durham shares and prays

Next Steps

  • Contact Us about learning more, prayer support, financial support, or for any other reason
  • Give Online at the partnership page on the Wycliffe web site

More Video

Solomon Islands introductory slide show by Emily Matzke

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