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Tim and Martha: Leadership in Solomon Islands Bible Translation

When our director in the Solomon Islands stepped down from his role, it left a need for a new director. With an immediate need and Tim’s previous experience as director, he was a natural choice. However, the group recognizes the strategic importance of Tim’s role in the multilingual education project and wants him to be able to continue in that project. So we have been asked, and agreed, to share the role as co-directors. This will enable us both to continue serving in literacy/education and communications, while serving our Solomons Group in this vital role. There are many challenges facing our group at the moment and we appreciate your prayers as we take on this new role. Pray for wisdom as we try to balance our assignments and wisdom in leading the Bible translation work in the Solomon Islands.

Tim: Changing hearts and lives through Literacy

Wycliffe field personnel work with local community members, teaching people to read and write, and endeavoring to establish literacy as a community value. In many language programs, literacy work goes on side-by-side with Bible translation.

Literacy changes the way people think about themselves. It gives new value to their language and culture, and by implication, to their own person as well. Literacy also opens the door for education and growth. Readers can learn how to improve their family’s health, run a business, defend themselves from fraud, seek justice and, above all, grow closer to God by reading the Scriptures.

Tim is working as a education consultant to the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education in a strategic multilingual education pilot program. Preparations are being made for kindergarten students in four schools in two languages, Arosi and Sa’a to be taught in their own language starting in the 2014 school year.  The following year, grade one will be added to the program and in subsequent years another grade will be added.

Martha: Sharing the Story

As Wycliffe works toward the goal of seeing Bible translation projects started in the more than 2000 languages, that are without Scriptures, the task seems impossible. It can’t be done without God’s help and we need His people to join us in the endeavor.

Martha serves as the Pacific Area Communications Coordinator. The Southwest Pacific is the most linguistically diverse part of the world, with more than 1200 languages. More than 400 languages still need Bible translation begun. Our director in the South Pacific has asked Martha to help share the stories of what God is doing in the Pacific, in order to get more people involved in the work through prayer and giving.

One of the roles that Martha enjoyed the most in the Solomon Islands was finding creative ways to share the story of Bible translation through the media. She is excited about using these experiences to help spread the word about The Word around the Pacific.

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